•     Long Lifespan.
•     Electrically Isolated ( Non – Conductive ).
•     Light Weight.
•     Ease and Speed of Handling and Installation.
•     Diversity and Stability of Colors, Where no need for repainting.
•     Smooth Surface non-stick to Dust and Fumes.
•     Resistant to Ultra – Violet Rays.
•     High Resistant to Bending and Deflection.
•     Resistant to Vibrations allowing longer lifespan to Lamps.
•     High Resistance to Winds up to 160 KM/H.
•     Economically Efficient.
•     High Safety Level to Human and Environment.
•     Attractive Designs with the ability to print on Poles.
•     Resistant to Chemicals, Moisture and Salts, Which suit Weather Conditions in Coastal Areas.

Comparison of different Poles Materials