Poles Factory

In the context of its mission to supply the market with integrated energy solutions, ELSEWEDY ELECTRIC has established its factory of Fiberglass poles in 1998, with production capacity of 30000 pole annually, covering all applications. The factory is equipped by German experience with the latest production technologies and laboratories, where design and testing processes are done according to the most precise International standards.

For being the first factory of its kind in Egypt, its operation scope has extended to include projects in almost all of the Egyptian governorates. Moreover, the factory exported its production to foreign markets such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Yemen, Libya, United Arab Emirates, Sultanate of Oman, Ghana, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

We are able to produce FGR Poles with length starting from 2 Meters up to 15 Meters, for two types Anchor base and Direct Burial.

The Pole to diameters are 76mm with 18mm slope  and top 73mm with 13mm slope.