Functional Additive MB

The role of an additive Masterbatch is to improve the performance of plastic products. They can protect the product from light and heat degradation, improve optical properties and film product appearance, limit flammability in compliance with regulations, and enhance the processing ability of plastics.

EGYPLAST is the Egyptian leader in the development and production of additives Masterbatches for the plastics industry, By staying close not only to our clients but to their customers as well, we are able to gain a clear understanding of the challenges they face. We then apply all our knowledge, expertise and creativity to create tailored solutions that optimize the design and functionality of their products, through proof of concept and laboratory testing.

Our Range of Functional Additive Masterbatch Includes:

  • Antistatic Masterbatch
  • Processing Aid Masterbatch
  • Slipping Masterbatch
  • Anti-Blocking Masterbatch
  • Anti-Microbial Masterbatch
  • UV/ Light Stabilizer Masterbatch
  • Infra-Red / IR Masterbatch
  • Antioxidant Masterbatch
  • Anti-Fog Masterbatch
  • Mold Release Masterbatch
  • Odor absorber Masterbatch
  • Anti-Insect Masterbatch
  • Oxo-Biodegradable Masterbatch
  • Anti-Rodent Masterbatch
  • Anti-Termite Masterbatch
  • Clarifying Masterbatch
  • Nucleating Masterbatch


    • Desiccants are hygroscopic substances that are used to induce or sustain a state of dryness (desiccation) in its vicinity. Considered one of the uprising technologies helping in sustainability development, they can be used instead of environmentally damaging solutions like air freight or environmentally questionable pre-arrangements like oiling, VCI, over-dimensioning of packaging, etc. Using desiccants also decreases the waste due to moisture damage, CO2 emissions and the unnecessary use of resources.