Soft and Rigid PVC Compound

EGYPLAST provides total solutions in product specific compounds that satisfy a wide range of applications and provide highest value proposition to customers. offering customized solutions manufactured at their High Capacity automated plants. Research and Development is at the center of developing innovative solutions. To ensure consistent quality and high performance, all products undergo extensive R&D and Application Testing before entering the market.

A team of highly proficient and dedicated engineers, scientists and technical staff continuously works in order to respond to the challenges of the times effectively.
Providing wide range of Soft and Rigid PVC Compound for various applications, According to BS, IEC, UL, ASTM, VDE, DIN 
complying with RoHS and REACH requirements

  • Soft PVC Compound (Granules) 
    -For Electric Wires and Cables for Insulation Sheathing and Bedding. 
    • Anti Rodent.
    • Anti Termites.
    • Oil Resistant.
    • Flame Retardant.
    • Automotive. 
    • Others.

    -For Hoses. 
    -For Footwear.
    -For Soft Profiles 
    • Gaskets.
    • Seals.
    • Waterstops.

    • Rigid PVC Compound (Granules / Dry Blends)
      -For PVC Fittings ( Based on Tin Stab. and Lead Stab. with various colors )
      • Draining Pipe Fittings.
      • Gutter Fittings. 
      • Electrical Accessories.

      -For UPVC Profiles. 
      • Window Profiles.
      • Door Profiles.
      • Ducting Systems.
      • Ceiling Systems.

      -For Pipes.