PP Filling Yarn for Multi-Core Cables

PP Fibers factory, which was established in 1998 by German Technology, equipped with three production lines and annual production capacity reaches 17000 tons of Twisted and Untwisted PP Yarn for Multi-Core Cables Filling.

Filling Yarn to be delivered is White color. having equal composition without lumps or thin spots or other irregularities. 

Polypropylene fiber sizes up to 1000,000 denier untwisted and up to 13 mm twisted.

Polypropylene fiber are adequate tensile strength and elongation such that no cracks or damage may occur during the processing.

General Properties

  •  Polypropylene fibers are compatible with XLPE, PVC and Copper.
  • Maximum continuous operating temperature is 105C and suitable for a maximum conductor temperature of 90C.
  • Size range up to 1000000 Denier for untwisted and up to 13 mm for twisted.

Packing and Marking: -

  • Polypropylene fiber Reels from size 15000 Denier to 800,000 Denier have outer diameter  410 mm, inner diameter 76 mm and height 400 mm it is normal sizes, we can use another sizes reels as Clint requisite.
  • polypropylene Reels shall be putted on strong wood pallets such that no kind of damage may occur during transportation, handling and storage.
  • each palette has ID card including the supplier name, OPF Number, palette Number, filler size, net weight and gross weight.

Packing description for Untwisted Type:
Net Weight : 30 Kg +/- 10% / Reel.
I.D dimension:           76 mm
O.D dimension:    410 mm
Length:                         400 mm

Packing description up to 6 mm size for Twisted Type: 
Weight : 10 Kg +/- 5% (each reel)
Dimensions: I.D:               50 mm
Length:       300 mm
O.D:             210 mm